At Execupro Training Academy, our security training courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to execute the duties of a Licensed Security Professional. From the newest security technology and devices to the most basic patrolling skills, we train our cadets with real-world case scenarios and experiences so that our cadets leave with the knowledge base that sets them apart as well-rounded and knowledgeable licensed security professionals.


Execupro and  The State of Florida require candidates to successfully complete a total of 40 hours of instruction and 2 hours of testing for the Unarmed Security Officer Class “D” license. We offer the Class “D” training course over a 5-day period.

Monday – Friday from 9 am-5 pm.

Weekend classes are available.

(Classes en Español)

·         Florida Laws F.S. 493 & 5N-1

·         Use of Force 776

·         Liability

·         Report Writing

·         Patrol Techniques

·         Observation Techniques

·         Interviewing Techniques

·         Court Room Procedure

·         Crime Prevention Techniques

·         Emergency Procedures

·         Accident Prevention Techniques

·         Basic CPR, AED & First Aid Training

·         Crime and Accident Scene Protection

·         Fire Safety

·         Search Procedures


·         Public Relations

·         Ethics

·         Interpersonal Communications

·         Professional Communications

·         Access Control

·         Crowd Control

·         Traffic Direction

·         Fundamentals of Personal Security

·         Special Problems/issues for Security Officer

·         Introduction to Non-Lethal Weapons

·         Defensive Tactics

·         Terrorism Awareness